Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the end is nigh...so relax.

whythefuckisntitoveryet - stress of the end of the year.

I'm sitting here in a class full of over or under achievers. So...I'm caught in the middle. Some things i focus on more than others because some things are more relevant or important than others. Everyone knows that the blunt of western education is a joke...Most of high school is fail...We're stuffed with bullshit (ew) that we will never need. Geometry, physics, chemistry...Its dumb, seriously. I'm all for English, some history and art classes but get real! The crap we're learning is meaningless and its just taking up space. I wish it were over. I wish to move into college where things are less annoying and more meaningful. I'll finally have a control over my education and that would be excellent. But still...We're in high school. The drama. The chaos. The bullshit. The lack of control. So whythefuckisntitoveryet....This is the common feeling/saying of your last couple days of the school year. But lets move onto the point.

People...High school is almost through. The stress is almost over. Just relax a little. Sure, there is bunches left to do and worry about, but just think of this. There are two and a half months of break coming up. Omg...it tastes so sweet! We're almost out for another year. For the college kids...Your breaks may be different, but you're prolly almost out too. And I'm sure its difficult to be in college but...It ain't NUTHIN compared to high school. There are new stresses....But I can find a BUNCH that would trade them.
beGolden and BREATHE