Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm writing.......forgiveness

forgiveness - The act of forgiving; pardon.

I'm writing for forgiveness...
Cause it puts my mind to rest happy.
It works like no drug nor therapy.
It lightens my shoulders
and holds my head high.
It removes the shackles from my
swollen, heavy feet.
I've been running away
from my grudges.
leaves the path to righteousness
open and free to roam through.
I'm writing for forgiveness...
give it a try

I find that poetry is a very good way to express myself and my issues. I'm learning to drop my grudges because they can get heavy and meaningless sometimes. Forgiveness is magical. Give it a try...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Kinky Reggae"...throwing it all away.

Alleviation - freedom from a burden/pain

My best friend and stopped at a cafe on the way to her parent's bakery. I bought a raspberry drink called a "kinky reggae". Those who don't know the reference will be shot...those who survive will be shot again. It is named after a Bob Marley song that i used to love. I hummed it as we walked downtown. Adrianna (my best friend) loved the drink as much as i did. I met her parents at the bakery. They gave me lots of baked goods out of the kindness of their hearts....good people. They showed me in cookies and breads. I'm in love...and it just might get serious. After we parted, we arrived at a very empty bridge and walked around for a bit. We thought about our pasts for a while...breakups, secrets and all that. Stumped by the pain of past affairs...we left this place and went to a playground. It was made of foam. There were two water fountains which soaked a large area and two huge slides. We stopped and ate a snack and continued talking about things we would soon forget. The laughs were memorable. We soon left this place as well...As the sun went down, we arrived back to Adrianna's temporary home by the river. She suggested that we toss rocks into the river...each rock bearing a revelation. Some rocks were things we through away and others were things we embrace.

1 rock for senseless violence...
another for for ignorance and its many faces...
another for wasting energy changing the unchangeable
another for being being a product of your circumstances
another for peer pressure
another for our self growth and a brighter future
another for putting ourselves and our well being first...
another for looking towards the positive and finding it in the dark

The last rock...was for purification and a step out of our negative experiences...

This was a ceremony for our pursuit of happiness...everyone deserves to do something like this. For some this ceremony starts with white clothing...some start with a prayer...others start with a chant or a hymn...a select few start with a friend and a kinky reggae...Let go of the things you don't need or your burdens will break you. Embrace the things you need and let go of the things you don't and the load will lesson...and it feels good.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

columbas...and all that.

I have decided to do something else that fairly new...i want to add something new everyday. I want to share some knowledge daily. Here is the word of the day...

Encounter - A meeting, especially one that is unplanned, unexpected, or brief and a few friends forgot all of our 4th grade knowledge of columbas and his discovery...and embrassed the word encounter. It seemed better fitting.

My dream was of an encounter i had today...with a hobo...he spoke of individuality and how great it was to have that. He was in the army..."no individuals there...." he said.

I remembered my trip to a beach in tobago today. I remember feeling sand and the salt of the ocean. I remembered feelings...i never do that.remember...experience..explore.

the word is encounter...
columbas, hobo's, long lost memories and all that.
remember, explore, experience...♥


Queen GodIs...and the man who stands for individuality.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

below the surface....i am more that you know.

an expression - Don't judge a book by its cover.

People often look at others and judge them based on their covers...most people do this. This is a serious no-no. People often make assumptions based on a person appearance. It isn't fair and its actually quite rude. Don't get me wrong...I've done've done it. We all take part in unfair assumptions. The better of us are ashamed of this and try not to do it. Some of us do it cause they know what it doest to people. If you know someone who does it...hit em with one of these. "how would it make you feel?" It isn't don't do it.

There is more to people than their clothes, their skin color, their appearance. Don't judge people because of these things. Don't LET people judge you because of these things. Let people know that you aren't your clothes, hair etc. Take pride in the fact that you are more than what people see. Take pride in the fact that you are deeper than your skin. Lastly, make people see you for who you are rather than your surface.

tribute to sKINdeep from the south.

Life is an asthma attack...

Life - an asthma attack

I have a quick thing to say to all of you. Life can be awful....terrible. OMG i know how it is. I have been in terrible positions. My peers can be ass holes...i don't have the best relationship with my family. I am being judged always because of my sexuality, color, state of mind and overall behavior. I've been bullied, depressed, suicidal etc. Things like have experienced as well. Life is all that your dreams are not. But i have something that wipes the rain from my cheeks and blows the sand from my eyes. Life is an asthma attack...friends are inhalers. I have a strong body of friends that i can depend on and love with all my might. They depend on me to love them as well. I'm in love with my friends...and i think its gettin serious! Life is definitely an asthma attack. Get a strong group of friends and breathing may become easier. I know mine has....

do right by others...karma and its cruelty

karma - the effects one's actions have on their surroundings, themselves and others.

I once had a friend who did something really mean to myself and another friend of mine. He said some very cruel things to the both of us. One day...he decided to lay his hands on my friend and we told an adult about this incident. Sadly, no consiquence came to this boy. This continued for a month or two. One day...that boy came down with a case of broken nose while talking about another person. As this boy was walking away from the scene of this hate crime...he slipped and his nose met the pavement. This poor boy's nose hasnt been the same since. This boy's injury may have just been a serious coincidence....or perhaps this boy used up his good karma and some higher power ruined his face. I believe in karma and its gifts and its cruelty. To us, that boys misfortune was a good thing. To him....not so much. There is nothing worse than cosmic missfortune. Had i wished this on the boy...that would have been bad karma on my part. Celebrating...also bad karma.

We all know what karma can may not believe in it but a lot of people believe that everything happens for a reason. Try to keep your karma good and you'll receive gifts from the universe. Bad karma means negative energy. You dont have to be hindu to believe in reciprocity by the way. What goes around will always come around in some light. Keep a clean conscience through good karma. Prevent bad from coming to you through possitive actions. Keep this in mind!

Burdens...and why you're not one...

Burden - something oppressive or worrisome...

One of my friends considered himself a burden in the eyes of his family. He felt ungrateful and unworthy of his parent's love. He often worries about his parents more than he does for himself. He considered himself a burden because he wants to help as much as he can and doesn't think his efforts are significant. Hearing this struck me hard far a few major reasons.

1. This friend of mine is the nicest, sweetest, most giving friend i have.
2. I know his help and company is appreciated in the house he lives in.
3.I love this friend so entirely..and i hate to hear words like these come out of anyone's mouth. Especially his..

In an effort to show him how wrong he was..i flipped the script. I reminded him that his parents love him. If they knew that he felt this way, they would feel terrible. Many teens many feel this way sometimes. I definitely know how it feels and its frustrating. To those who feel unworthy of the lives they were blessed with I say; Burdens are free loaders and unwanted company. If you weren't wanted/loved then you wouldn't be here...I'm very sure that you aren't one of those. If I'm something about it. Give more and more will come to you. Minor things can make a mother's day. Know that your parents love that you love them back.
beGolden andlet tbe weight lesson

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Beginnings....

Refresh - To renew by stimulation...

I just started school again. Its the beginning of 11th grade for me! So excited. You don't even know. I've been neglecting my blog actually. I wrote a bunch of posts and i haven't typed them yet. I'll get on that trust me. On to the message. I've put up with tons of crap during high school and I'm sure you have too. But trust me...It gets a lot better. I can leave the school for lunch now. I have an incredible schedule with awesome classes. Best of all...i have new friends and loving old ones. But still...i feel a tad empty. I need to change a few things to make this year better than past ones. I plan on striving for excellence this year and i'9m sure its possible. Anything's possible.

New years mean new possibilities. New possibilities means new choices. Make a conscience effort to be incredible. Try for excellence. New year means fresh new beginnings. Take advantage of this opportunity. I know i will....