Monday, December 13, 2010

An ode to one's self...narcissism or band aid?

narcissism - personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness.

Today, I was reading an ode to Imr El - Qais, an early arabic whore. The author wrote an extremely long poem about this man and his hoe-ish escapades. Needless to say, it was intriguing. As a completely unrelated comment/observation, the poem got incredibly hard to follow as Imr El - Qais began using simile to show his greatness. Very precise and interested images were made, but they were also really odd. Anywho, then I come to find that the author is Imr El - Qais. As an assignment, the class was to write an ode of one's self. Some found this exceedingly difficult while others started immediately. I didn't write myself and ode, but I started writing notes about the idea of writing an ode to one's self. Is this a narcissistic practice or something like holding a mirror to one's face?

Write yourself an ode. It shouldn't be difficult because it's YOU that you're writing about. It isn't egotism. It's just something beautiful that will help build your confidence. If you can write about your beauty, then you don't need anyone else to. Sure, it's nice to here it from others, but it's YOU that you'll have to live with forever. Know how beautiful and sacred you are. Write yourself an ode. Take a picture. Draw a portrait. Do it for you! It isn't narcissism...It's love.

Monday, December 6, 2010

stop defining it all...

explication - a detailed explanation of something.

It started to snow on December 1st this year. As a result, winter had started. People had pulled out their coats and stocked up on wool socks and cocoa. Garth Fagan home-season started and the performances were nightly. People got dressed in their favorite clothes and others bought new things to rarely wear after. These events have something in common. They were the most predictable and expected events of December for Rochester. The snow always comes early and stays late. The Fagan dancers always rock the house receive the praise they deserve. All people had to do was watch these things happen and be happy.

Humans don't always function they way they should. While watching the snow fall, people were wondering when it would end. Already, homebodies were wondering if a snow day would come and when Christmas break was. While watching Garth Fagan's brilliant choreography, select audience members where wondering what each movement meant. Critiquing and pondering, I doubt these people were honestly enjoying themselves. Those who question the mortality of snow fall in Rochester will NOT have a pleasant winter.

What's beautiful about snowfall and Garth Fagan dance is that it doesn't need a reason. The beauty int he two is that it's beautiful. If you stop thinking and enjoy, you'll really have fun. I'm always moved by winter and dance because it isn't definable. It's movement and chaos and beauty somehow. Like poetry. Stop defining. Just be taken by the beauty, k? Start to feel and enjoy the place you're at in life. If you keep questioning and critiquing, you'll miss something. Everything can happen. Don't mess a drop.
beGolden and enjoy.