Monday, November 15, 2010

Critical up?

renounce - to address one's abandonment...

My creative writing class is great. I have a passion for my craft, so, naturally, I thrive in it. There are people in my glass that enjoy writing and are passionate as well. There are others that aren't at all passionate about writing. It's hardening, to say the least. Some of us are discouraged from learning and writing because the room is a mess with meaningless chatter. It gets loud. It gets annoying. I approached one of my teachers and addressed the problem and suggested she just move the students around. Assigning seats would stop the comfort that we find in sitting next to people we talk to all the time. Communication would cease for a while because people are uncomfortable talking with people that don't normally associate with. It sounded like a smart a choice. She said no. Because we are a 12th grade class, she said, we should no better. I said, clearly we don't, seeing how everyone and their mother is talking all at once while we are supposed to be silently writing. She walked away and I sat down. It is now clear that there is a bigger problem.

After she left me she went to one side of the room and helped them produce some poetry. She suggested they read other poets and so on. They talk as much as the kids on the other side of the room. She didn't go to them though. They are more aggressive and more vocal regarding their dislike of our teacher. Perhaps in fear or some act of vindictive fury, she doesn't associate with them. She's given up on them and their education in the class. They will fail and the other side will pass because she has their "respect".

Education needs to change a lot, this much has been clear for some time. Part of it is hiring teachers that will commit to the students, their "customers". I've been told that school is a business...Let's treat it like one. Sooo many teachers would be fired if it was noticed how neglectful they are. The abandonment must end at some point. It must. Also, I'm a strong believer that race and social class affects education. It's a sad truth and it shouldn't be like this, but it does. The evidence is clear. Black and Hispanic youth dropout rates have been gradually increasing since the 70s. Statistics are out there...just look! People in the school system have abandoned youth and their education and it needs to end. Let's start with a discussion. Look up some articles! Google Critical Pedagogy! Send this post EVERYWHERE! Take control of your education and that of your children and friends.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music Be With You...Turn on yo ipods, yo.

sustenance - what keeps you afloat.

Last night, on the brink of sleep I launched out of bed, grabbed a pen and scribbled "Music" on my wrist in the dark. You could imagine that it wasn't too neat. Still, I had this epiphany. I have been amerced in portable music since this time 5 years ago. Everyday I listened to music on my walks to the bus stop or anywhere, actually. I've been developing new tastes and getting new music illegally and otherwise...sue me. Anyway, I really enjoy music and I sorta need it to get through life. I couldn't last without listening to my songs every morning and when I'm alone in my house. In fact...I'm listening to Looking Out by Brandi Carlile right now. I need music everyday! Don't you?

Music is the only thing that can pass into our thoughts without effort. It's something that keeps me afloat. I think it's a good practice to listen to music before you start your day. It sets the mood! I have friends that have dedicated their lived to music. It seems to be essential. Listen to music. Amerce yourself in it and let it take control. It's a good type of meditation, people! Don't just take my word for it...Go ask around. C: It's real!
beGolden and Jam a lil.

Monday, November 8, 2010

taking pride in you...

amour-propre - self love, respect and pride

Today I wrote something that I loved. I often enjoy things that I produce, but to day, in particular, I really enjoyed my short prose poem. Over the weekend, a series of play that young local writers had written, mine included, were performed by professionals. It was fantastic because we all have different styles and points of view. It makes the pieces individually beautiful and colorful. Needless to say, we were all very proud of our pieces. I friend of mine was struggling because an art project he had made was to be presented to a class of 30. It was a rattling thought, I'm sure. The idea of your work being judged by anyone is horrifying. But there's something to be said about being proud of yourself for the things you produce.

Here's what...Whether it's a play, a meal, a painting or a poem...It's something you put your energy into and for that you should be proud. Lots of people don't commit to doing things because they are afraid of being judged. If we all lived in that fear we wouldn't live as comfortably as we do. Ideas that have shaped our world would no longer exist. What kind of work would we live in if we were all afraid? Do it and take pride in your work. Your energy is worth it's weight in gold. Most of us are.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the baby, the Iphone, the sore throat...

dilliance - waste of time/hesitation

I've had a sore throat for a week today. Yeah...See my excuse is that I don't get sore throats so I don't know when they're usually over. It hurt to swallow and I'm gay...people and their jokes...Anyway, the first message is clear.

Readers...if something is bothering, physically, mentally or emotionally...don't wait for it to get worse before you get help. I'm praying that I don't have mono! But I'm healing sooo...not TOO bothered anymore.

There's a baby waiting to be sent in with his parents. He grabs his mothers iPhone and proceeds to turn it on, unlock it and turn on some music. What the he'll? is right, my dear reader. This is beyond me for sooo many reasons. But don't think that he's a future tech wiz...he spent the next 10 minutes dancing to his gurggles, running in circles, quite literally, and slapping two strange boys he didn't know.

Are we too tech friendly? Have we distilled iPods into our children before morals or vocabulary? That boy couldn't ever speak! But he could put on blink 182 in seconds. Is this the new world? Looks and sounds like something to think about. So ask yourself these questions and let me know.
beGolden and wonder...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, Hail and Why You're Awesome!

Mettle - the capacity to endure...

Yesterday in Rochacha, it was a dim and cold October night. Just kidding...Yesterday was Halloween! Everyone scrambled to get their outfits on, they applied sweaters when needed and the super-Christians stayed in churches and swapped prayers and candy. The joy that this holiday brings people on. Kids get candy. Parents get exercise. Super power companies get money money money. Everyone goes home feeling good about themselves. Yesterday in Rochacha it hailed. "Trick or Treat!" *put put put* "OUCH! What the F***" Best 10 year old response to anything that I've ever heard. You could imagine that after such a catastrophe, men, women and children would march their tight asses home. NOPE! Candy is SOOO much more important. This is a little sad, dontcha know? But there's a little beauty in it, none-the-less!

If people can muster hail, rain and the likes in pursuit of candy corn and snickers, you can muster a lot. Candy isn't essential to living, and yet people would curse and trudge through wet earth to get to that house with the light on. Ring the door bell people! Get your candy. Endure the world in pursuit of the sweeter things. Nuff said. C: