Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out like a lamb....

Refresh - make like new; give new life

Its the last day of March...onto the true spring. The flowers are here to stay. The trees are budding. The children have shed their coats. It's incredible. One of my teachers told me that she is amazed every year when she plants seeds in pea pots. Those specks of dust turn into living, breathing flowers and other plants. It's beautiful. Its remarkable. Its breath taking. Now...Here's the point.

Go out and observe the world grow and move beneath your feet. Go out and see the flowers bloom and the trees bud. Breathe in spring and remember childhood. Lay in the grass. Run barefoot. Be happy...It's spring. These are the days that we all must remember. These are the greatest days of our lives. The snow has melted and the earth is pulsing with energy. Feel it swirl beneath you and smile. In like a lion...Out like a lamb.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The last leaf....

endure - Lasting, long-suffering; patient.

There are lots of hardships that we face in this world...We have to deal with so much and slowly the world is getting older and more chaotic. We have to work really hard to keep from crumbling under the weight of the world. Teens have it bad. Minorities have bad. I seem to fit into a few difficult categories. But I'm making it work. Some people don't know how to and that is partially why i maintain this blog. I'm trying to use my mistake and my issues and my accomplishments to fuel change and guide people who haven't been as blessed as me. I'm not exactly perfect and I'm no saint, myself. But i like to work to help others through my writings. I've been blessed to make mistakes before others and come out unharmed (for the most part) and so i have to use my words to keep others from coming out of their mistakes damaged or discouraged. The point is this...

We all have to hang on. Life is hard. It isn't fair, so don't be too upset when you stain your new dress or drop your ice cream on a really hot day. We are meant to make mistakes and have hard times both to remind us that we're human and to make us grow as people. Sometimes you get people that wanna help you through the journey....(me)...other times, people are so stuck in their unhappiness that they bring others down with them. Don't worry though...there are more people that want to help. Sometimes, you have to be that last leaf that hangs on to the branch through the winter and fall knowing that spring will always come...

Dealing with the world....a short response...

Denial - a defense mechanism that only makes you seem worse...sometimes.

So...My last post was regarding a girl who was an ass to me. She confronted me about "cruel" post. She asked if i had a problem with her. I don't have a problem with her....I have a problem with her behavior. She's nice to some people and shes pretty smart. Problem...She doesn't realize that she hurt my feelings a couple of times. So...She denied being mean to me EVER. This infuriated me and i would have called her a cruel person but i realized that people who are mean just to be mean shouldn't be considered human.

Don't be cruel to people just to be cruel. Don't be cruel at all! Try to be nice to all people, not just some. Know that karma is a bitch. It'll bite you with no mercy. Watch your behavior and know that someone is always watching. Someone is always taking note of your behavior.

I hope you're reading this dearest. You've hurt my feelings a number of times and you only acknowledged my pain once. You once said to me..."The thing i love most about you is that even though people are so mean to manage to still be nice." Well...thank you for that. It means a lot coming from someone who is/has been mean to me. Have a lovely life and i pray that your karma doesn't catch up to you too intensely. Still...i implore you to,

Friday, March 12, 2010

The education talk....Do we really need to know this?

Relevance - practical and especially social applicability

Well...I go to a school...At school, we learn things. We learn how to find x. We learn about Edison's life. We learn about Twain's writing style. We learn how to put a condom in/on. We learn LOTS of things. Most of the things we learn....might not be all that relevant. Sometimes we learn things that we wont need in the future. The fact that i sit in a geometry classroom for 45 minutes a day learning how theorems and equations is nauseating. People teach us the most unnecessary things in these buildings. I don't give a damn about the mating seasons of anacondas. Sure....its fun to know....but why the fuck do i need to know this? So now...I'm forced to "learn" these dumb things. By learn, i mean remember and regurgitate at the end of the year. We don't retain must of the things that we learn in high school. We simply pour it all out on out tests when we receive them. This is FAR more stain than i need. I really don't appreciate having to fill my brain with things i wont need. It makes me sick. It makes me tired. But change is far from coming....unless we say something.

A lot of the people that read my words are youth. There is something terribly wrong with western education. Who does it affect the most? It affects us. I don't appreciate it. A lot of people don't appreciate it. I want to learn things that will help me in the future. I want to learn Patience and respect. I want to be taught tolerance and honour. I want to be taught more about my craft. I go to an arts school...therefore I'm a little blessed. Still...there is something wrong and nothing will change unless the discussion starts. Start speaking...

Righteous Anger...dealing with the world

callous - insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic

There is a callous bitch in my life that i must deal with on the regular. She is very opinionated and hateful. I honestly don't know why i have to deal with her. I think i let her get to me because she has something that i kinda want. Right now....I'm pissed at her and i wish shed stop being the shrew that she acts like. I'm extremely nice to her...but it doesn't make a difference. Shes just like that...i suppose it is why some people like her....

Here is the point...people like Hannah (oops) aren't nice. People like Hannah are obstacles. But don't let them get to you, because people like Hannah are unhappy and confused and sad. Their bull**** will catch up to them soon enough. Keep that in mind. EVERYONE gets theirs at one point or another. Its how the world works. Trust me. Be nice and accepting and you'll get good energy back. Be a Hannah.....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pick up a sign...or something

Engaged - busy or occupied; involved a

So....I have something quick to share with you lovely people. I'm a part of an organization/group called Students for a Democratic Society. We discuss a lot of issues in our community/country and we brainstorm ways to battle them. We protest, write petitions and raise awareness. Its a good thing to be a part of. I now feel more active in my community and in my world. I feel a sense of accomplishment because I'm using my voice to make change. We all have voices (if you don't, i apologize) and its important to use them for good. Here's what I'm getting at....

I use my voice to inspire change. You should be doing the same. Our words have the power to do so much more than a lot of people believe. I try to make a difference. We all should raise our voices in hopes that it will make a better world for our children and the youth after us. Get engaged in your community, get active in the the title again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Journal...spring...and such...

Try something new....I ain't gotta word. ^_^

...i just have something quick to say. I write EVERYTHING in my leather diary. I put my thoughts...feelings...everything. I ran out of pages and i got really upset. Now...Here's the point...

I bought a new journal. New season. NEW NEW NEW! SO...make change always. It makes your whole life better...It opens a lot of doors. Just do it! It makes ME feel way better....And my journal is really cool. : ) Be open to change....

Monday, March 1, 2010

spring....and such...

Reform - Positive change....or any change at all.

So people....spring is being sprungified as we speak! It's a new month and 1 month closer to spring. The winter is fading and warmth is just around the corner! With spring comes flowers and warmth and dating (outside) and festivals and parties know what I'm getting at. Here's the point...You need to know what else comes with spring...?

Spring means renewal. It means all the other stuff too....but it means positive change! So MAKE positive change. The world is giving birth to new flowers and new weather...the least we can do is get rid of one of our bad habits. Some things that can be done!

1. Clean your room...WELL
2. Be rid of one of your bad habits....
3. Make a new, more positive habit.
4. Smile more...laugh more...etc.

With spring comes makes some. Give back. Make things fresh. Change things up.

fillin my life with distractions...keepin me afloat.

distraction - That which diverts attention

February was a sucky month. Lots of stress and frustration from work and school. A lot more from my social life. Sometimes it all gets heavy. This month has just been a testament to surviving and living on in spite of how bad things can get. I've had to deal with a lot of political nonsense and then i have to deal with school work. Then i have to deal with friends and maintaining a social life. Lastly, I have to hold myself together no matter where i am. I suppose sometimes, i only cared about holding myself together in the open. Now, i feel its healthier to stay stable outdoors and in the privacy of my room. I made a choice recently. After a sucky couple of weeks...I decided to make myself feel better. I decided to fill my life with distractions. I decided to keep myself happy by filling my life with happy things to keep me from thinking about the bad. Most of my problems are things that i cant completely control...things that i will always have to deal with. Political bullshit...homophobia...friends/ These are things that i will have to live with. So, instead of just upsetting myself, I'll surround myself with the happier things to keep me from tumbling.

1. Had a snow day and hung out with some of my best friends.....
2. Hung out with more friends the next day...and i cooked.
3. I wrote and read a lot of poetry...lots of that of late. : )
4. I smiled more than i could count.
5. I made memories and wrote them all down....
6. I realized that i will give my life to a pianist......Something to look forward to.

Here is my message to you lovely people. Life is gonna throw all types of things at you...just because it can. Here is your job...Keep that smile on. Be strong. Live on. : ) There is so much happiness in this world. Take it in your fists and never let it go. And for all the small things that will always be there....find a few distractions. Put your energy into a better place. Don't waste your energy on the things you can't change. Don't waste you energy on things that SHOULDN'T change. The hard spots in life...are reminders that we're all human and that we don't pull the strings. Some higher power is giving us a is meant for living. So live...