Thursday, February 25, 2010

The truth...and why its not always what's needed to be told...

Blunt - Abrupt and often disconcertingly frank in speech

This is a short post because there is an easy response to this. I had a friend that hurt people's feelings with the "truth" in pursuit of honesty. Apparently, people liked him because of it. I don't. Most people don't. Something are better left unsaid for the sake of others well being. My feelings were hurt on multiple occasions by this person. Here's the point...

People can be rude, bitter and hateful. Sometimes these people are like this in pursuit of something innocent. Some people are bitter and blunt just to be honest. Some people are rude for the sake of others. Still, there are some times for you to be honest. Other times, keep the "truth" to yourself. Being mean because what you say is the truth doesn't make you a good person. It makes you seem cruel and heartless. Sometimes people ARE just cruel and heartless. Still, you need to know that sometimes you keep the truth to yourself. Honesty isn't always nice. Some subjects aren't for you to tamper with. Know that there are boundaries that you mustn't cross. I have one more thing to say...

People that put down others and hurt their feelings just to be honest are sad and disgusting people. There is NOTHING noble about hurt others. Words sting and so they should be used wisely. Don't take it upon yourself to be the bearer of the truth....because it makes YOU seem like an awful person. Of course, there are some times that the truth is necessary. There are times when it's crucial to vocalize. Still...pick your words wisely. Be kind. Be sincere.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Build a snowman.....

Optimism - looking on the bright side...

Ok...It snows in Rochester NY. It snows for days on end. It gets gets gets white. People complain and it gets annoying. We live in Rochester and every snows. It snows for a long time. Sometimes i give in to the snow...I complain, too. But there's a better way to deal with the cold...They are a few ways to deal with the cold.

1. Make a snow man...When life gives you with it.
2. Snuggle....It feels good and it keeps you warm.
3. Crack out a sweater...nuff said.
4. Make all those hot dishes that you locked away for summer.

Lemme say it one more time for all those who need it. When life gives you with it. Don't just moan and groan in the face of a cold winter. This goes for everything. When life gives you lemons....stop asking for apple juice.

the quirkier things...

quirky - A peculiarity of behavior...that's alright...

Lets give 'em a quick post while I'm in school...Lemme tell you about one of the weird things i do. You see, I write EVERYTHING in my Italian leather diary. I write my dreams, my ideas, my crushes, my lovely thoughts, my dirty thoughts....everything....Its a great release. It's how i keep track of myself and where my mind goes. Not many people write in a diary anymore...Not many BOYS write in a diary at all. Its one of my little quirky things. Everyone has a little quirky thing. One of those things that we do that don't make sense all the time but still they feel really good. Sometimes i like sleeping in all of my clothes. Sometimes i like to lay on the floor...only when I'm upset at night though. I like to listen to music while I'm in the shower. I ADORE baking when i have nothing else to do. The the list of my quirky things is biblical in scale. Everyone has some quirky things....if you don't...get one. Or a dozen.

Sometimes we do things that don't make sense and don't mean anything to other people. These things feel good sometimes. They feel better than they would to others. Still, its good to have a few quirky things. Its good to have some quirk to proves that we aren't the same as our neighbors. It keeps us mentally and spiritually healthy sometimes. Sure, we may be the only one who...for example...likes to eat peanut butter while reading Oprah's Magazine. But if it feels good...have at it! If we're lucky...we'll find someone that does the quirkier things that we do. Point...Don't be afraid to give in to the quirkier things.

Friday, February 5, 2010

suppression...and why you shouldnt make my mistake

suppression - the conscious intentional exclusion from consciousness of a thought or feeling

I have preached to my readers about habits and why they are negative. I told you all to break habits before they weave into your personality. I must confess something. Sometimes, I write things to you because i don't want you to go through things that i have. I don't want you to feel the way i feel. My habits are bad ones and i wish i had taken my own advice. I don't handle stress and other negative emotion well. I tend to do things that are counterproductive. One of my major habits is suppression. Sometimes I choose to smile instead of frown before the public. MOST times i wear a smile when I'm stressed or angry or depressed. This actually doesn't feel to bad...until i get home. Until i look at myself or reflect on my day. Until i realize that something is wrong. Then i emote and cry and stress myself out even more. It gets bad sometimes. The worst thing is when i don't reflect or look at myself when i get home. If i don't, it all comes out later. It flows out of me in full force. When that occurs....stay away. It's a sucky habit, ya know. But still its really difficult to break. Here goes the point....

I have a bad habit. It's awful and if i was smart and strong enough, i would have handled it when it started. Instead....I chose to do what felt better temporarily. Emphasis on TEMPORARILY! It sucks so don't do makes your life so much harder. It feels better to emote. It feels better to cry when it hurts. It doesn't feel good when it all comes out at a party or at a trip to the cafe with friends. We all have those days....weeks...months...years....but suppression isn't the way to make it better. Deal with your problems head on...cry when it hurts...scream (in your pillow) when you're angry. Its beautiful to scream...its gorgeous to cry...try it.