Sunday, December 27, 2009

Short post...relax and feel the breeze.

recline - to chill out...and feel the breeze

It's a beautiful, windy day. The sun is cutting through every corner of darkness around me. I was stressing out about something previously...and then i realized that i am really happy at the moment. I've had a lovely week so far...

"Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday...and all is well" Refrigerator magnet....

Sometimes you just have to let go of the stressful things...if not just for a moment. Kick your legs up and watch the sun fill in all the empty, dark spaces around you. Don't let the dreariness consume your day. Be feels better than being stressed. Then you can take the stressful stuff on with ease.

Friday, December 25, 2009

letting it go....respect & tolerance....happy holidays...

tolerance - sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own

Yesterday...i got into new jersey with my Jewish friend Nahoma. We were driving with her grandparents to see her orthodox family. While talking about this in the car...I started to realize how many rules i had to respect and follow. I couldn't touch her aunt. I had to respect the dress of everyone in the house. I had look at myself and realize how different i would be from them. I entered the house...already scared and uncomfortable. We were greeted by Nahoma's aunt and i accidentally reached to shake her hand. She shook hesitantly and it wasn't until i sat down that i realized what i had done. Ashamed and uncomfortable...i retreated into my mind. I shut out most of what was happening around me. In the car, i noticed that i psyched myself out of a lovely gathering. I let my uncomfortability get to me and THAT was the shameful part. I opened my mouth to talk about this with the family...and i was told to let it go of the guilt. I was told the story of two old woman was crossing a bridge and a monk lifted her across it to be helpful. Later...another monk asked him how he carried a woman if he took a vow not to touch woman. The man replied...You seem to be carrying her farther than i did.

There are TWO very big points to this blog post...

1. Let things go when they aren't that extreme. Holding on to thousands of meaningless grudges and discomforts starts weighing you down. Makes you a REALLY bitter and argumentative person, among other things. Let things die because its good for everyone.

2. Be respectful and tolerant...if its killing you...we'll talk. Don't let discomfort get in the way of great opportunities either. Sure...people always going to be different than you and that can be terrifying....but don't wear it on your face at the very least. It sends out the wrong message...Diversity is what makes the world go round. Love PEOPLE as a whole...don't judge...
beGolden and have a happy holiday.

the Crush…and how it can be unhealthy

Wishful Thinking - Identification of one's wishes or desires with reality.

A lot of people dread crushes in high school for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the crush can shape who you are and make you uncomfortable being yourself. The other part of that is wanting people that don’t want you. A lot of people admit to having crushes that are completely unrealistic. The emotion that you feel from this crush is very real but actually being in a relationship with this person is very improbable. When I was in eight grade, I had my first real crush. I was 13….he was 17. Not only that but he was straight. I was stupid and got dumber every time he was in my presence. People teased me because of this crush. I didn’t care much. I was in love…I was. But it wasn’t a desirable feeling. The years past and it was time for my crush to go off to college across the country. The tears would well up. I told one of his best friends about the crush and she was supportive. She said I needed to get over it, in more words than that. Then she told him…for my sake, of course. He spoke to me and told me that I was too young for him. He didn’t mention his sexuality…I don’t remember him doing so. Nevertheless, it wasn’t meant to be. I still love him. I still wish I would have him. Most of all, I wish he would want me. I like feeling pursued. I’ve moved on though.

The point is this….Don’s waist your life on the impossibilities. It’s unhealthy. Wishful thinking is tolerable in small doses but dot let it consume you. Everyone likes to feel wanted. Everyone wants and though most of what we are is out of our control…We have to pursue the pursuable and those who want us. Want and be wanted. Love and be loved. Keep positive thoughts though. Just don’t be disappointed if you hit the stars when chasing the moon. High hopes…Just don’t get carried away. There will always be someone who wants you that you’ll want in return.

…let the children hear truth…what of fairytales?

Bitter honesty - The truth you need...but sometimes it doesn't taste so good.

A couple weeks ago, a child came out to his family and was found decapitated by his parents. Primitive…disgusting…hateful…words that come to mind. Things like this happen all the time across this planet. People are still being stoned to death, mutilated and mistreated for being different. Innocent people are killed for being who they are. What do we tell our children? Our brothers? Our sisters? We don’t. Children aren’t aware of the world we live in more often then not. They are blind to the hatred that they will soon inherit. We turn their heads. We cover their eyes. Why? Why would we let our youth grow sheltered? They will soon step out of their houses and experience the world and the shock will be blinding. Why would we want this? I believe the children should know the truth about this world.

Let the children hear truth. Let them know that though this world is full of beauty…it is also full of things that cannot be kissed away. This world is also angry and violent. Don’t let this world become a shock to the youth. It’s unfair to them. What do you believe? What would you tell your child?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All there is to loose...all there is to experience

To dare - People who are daring are willing to do or say things which are new or which might shock or anger other people....

There are things in life that we want to do but don't because we let fear or peer pressure get to us. Some of these things (relationships, bungee jumping...same difference) would be good for us. Sure...There are chances we take, but we're only young once. There are chances we take and odds we beat just walking outside in the morning. Taking chances makes life worth living and puts the beats in our hearts. What's there to loose? Well...a lot. Depends on what you're daring to do. There are two sides to everything. I could say, "Life is worth living!!" until my lungs collapse. Relationships and bungee jumping have dark sides. Some people might crack their heads open on the ocean floor. People might get their hearts broken pursuing someone. Then, I could say that it happens to the best of us and then i could tell you to learn something from it. These things aren't cut and dry. LIFE isn't black and white. Keep this in mind when making hard as that can be.

When you get a minute...Stop and think about your choices. Live for the day but don't forget to be rational. Know the risks and weigh out the possibilities. Don't let fear govern your actions because that makes for a sad and regretful life. Don't be one of those people who does everything and anything he/she wants to do and don't be a person who lived their lives in the shadow of fear and played it safe their whole life.

Monday, December 21, 2009

morning...meditations and such...

Self Reflection - Self-examination; introspection.

I've talked about this a lot on this blog because i really believe in it.

I woke up about an hour ago and my mother said good morning, my kitten jumped on my face and i really felt relaxed in my surroundings. 30 minutes ago i sat up in my bed and i planned out my day a little. I thought about the issues that i have dealt with yesterday or the day before. I thought about the things that i am anticipating. Now i feel like life is a little less unexpected and it might even go a little easier now. I feel as though I've seen what could go wrong and what could be fun in my day so when it happens I'm not shocked and afraid. Try it....When you wake up just sit in a quiet place and think about your day in depth. Acknowledge that something unwanted may occur. Know that everything happens for a reason so think about your past...

Meditation and Self Reflection can help make your day a little less difficult. Life has less bumps when you know the path you're treading. Take the time to think and remember. Look inward and look around you. Everything happens for a reason...know that and prosper. Practice these techniques and life will be a little your face.

P.s. Eat something in the doesn't have to be breakfast but it isn't pizza or candy or chips..the list goes on. My PSA for the day...<3

Sunday, December 20, 2009

getting in spite of the stress...

at peace - relaxed and calm in your space...

I'm not at peace at the moment. I've been stressed out about a lot of personal issues and I've been neglecting my blog. I will be working harder now that i have collected myself a little. Life gets heavy sometimes. I've stressed this before. Stuff happens that shakes you and stops progress and relaxation. This all that we have. Life comes at you in multiple different lights and you simply take what you're given and do what you think is best. I'm slipping into three bad habits right now. I'll go into further detail at another time. This post is about dealing with life and all that that means. Life can be abusive. It can slap you in the face and what do you do? You get up, brush yourself off and look at yourself and the space that you're in. Everything happens for a reason. When you loose your keys on the regular...perhaps you need to clean your room. When you feel overworked and tired....perhaps you need to take a few more naps and relax. When you find that something makes you uncomfortable every time you think about it...perhaps you need to look deep into yourself for the root of the problem.

Take time to think about yourself and your issues in depth. You might find the root and begin your progress into a better you. Life doesn't pick on you...Some constant in your life is causing you discomfort. Some things that you do or have done or have been done to you affect you negatively. Find a solution. Flourish and prosper in spite of the sting of life's whips. Live your life happy and free....put some thought into your issues. Find some peace.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reform...or adjustment

Inefficient - Lacking the ability or skill to perform using time, energy or resources well.

My mother was in a one woman play about being a teaching artist in schools. She encounters many different students and school figures with their own unique characters and "flaws". You got to see how teachers, administrators and sentries associate with one another. It was quite realistic. School faculty can be extremely disrespectful and have the power to mistreat children and get away with it. It's stupid and it isn't helping people learn. The school also identifies the beauty of all people in spite of how 'difficult' they may seem. Teachers and school faculty often are shallow and their expectations and interpretations stop at the surface. Its upsetting. Adults in schools say that their duties are to prepare kids for the real world. Still...the teachers treat us in ways that aren't acceptable in the 'real world'. Contradictions and hypocritical behavior FESTERS in schools. They tell us not to disrespect but they, themselves, disrespect the children and their colleagues. There are MANY good teachers and faculty...but there are many bad ones too. Also...The testing and the testing and the testing and the testing. This schooling system was created for rich white boys to become successful white men. It's been the same since it was used to assimilate different peoples. It's old and played out. People have made adjustments that have helped...but the whole system needs adjustment.

Western education isn't the IDEAL form of education for most. It's stressful and inefficient sometimes. Teachers and faculty get away with a lot of crap. Students fall between the cracks. We're judged and mistreated. We need reform. Speak up against the bull. We're dealing with a lot of crap that isn't necessary. Stand up and fight it peoples...Say something or nothing will change. Lastly, don't give up hope in change. Give in to your more optimistic angels and let them take over a little. Please!! It's good for you! Like an apple a day...or chocolate when it rains...or a midnight snack. : ) Don't let the frown take over, peoples.
beGolden and optimistic