Tuesday, January 19, 2010

for the have nots....

crisis - a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change...hopefully.

We take so much for granted. Americans live a VERY privileged life compared to other peoples in different countries. Most of us don't put enough energy towards those who don't have as much as us. We flip out when we don't have ipods or new clothes. Meanwhile, a child in some third world country is without food, warmth, shelter, clean water...The list goes on. Some people suffer daily. We, privileged Americans, go to therapists and doctors. Doctors are luxuries for some. Therapists are more than most get. We can be such pompous creatures. We pride ourselves on materials while others pride themselves on getting dinner for their children. Some pride themselves on living another day and still smiling. Some pride themselves on survival and sacrifice. Whats upsetting is that some of these very same people, the have-nots, live right down the street from us. Some of them live right around the corner. Some of them you see in school. Some of them you don't acknowledge. What of them?

We have grown too materialist..too oblivious...too content in our everyday lives. Others suffer daily and we don't even care as long as the phone is charged and the computer is working. A lot of people won't care as long as THEY have food and a place to live. Until it affects us...a lot of us wont care. Get active. Speak out. Stop being selfish and do something for those who have less than you. Its a hard world we live in. Its full of anger and pain...and some of us are living with it everyday. Some people feel it everyday. Some people are at the bottom and they know how it feels not to know where the next meal is coming from. If you're reading this, you're probably not starving. Try donating. Try giving back. We live lives of abundance...give a little. If you need more reason....know that it'll help out your karma.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...renew...the purpose of humanity

purpose - the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

I've been taught to practice daily....purpose. Though i have suffered with purpose for a very long time. It wasn't until recently that i realized what my purpose was. I'm here to teach, inspire, love, be loved, to leak creativity into my surroundings and absorbs all that is beautiful. Today, and every day, i practice these things. Through this blog. With my journal. With my friends. Then i thought about the purpose of others. Of humans in general. I realized something. Humans have a pattern, a constant in life, that inclines them to create, challenge and destroy. Every civilization has victimized or been a victim of others or nature. Is that our purpose, then? Are we meant to destroy and victimize? I we here to pain the earth and our brothers? I say no. I believe that we were placed here to love and create. Somehow, we've moved away from our original purpose. We're treading a dangerous road that will lead to more destruction. What will we tell our children when there is nothing left to hate?

This creation is about love and acting in the image of some creator. We were made in the image of our personal gods, beautiful and loving. So, create. Love. Be loved and spread beauty. Practice daily purpose, your purpose, our purpose. Try to act on this. If not for a future that you would want your children and your siblings to live in.
beGolden and live a purposeful life

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A short post...nature and observing its beauty

au natural - (get your mind out of the gutter!) in a natural state.

Emerson once birthed forth one of my FAVOURITE quotes EVER. "The world laughs in flowers..." After hearing this...my heart stopped and my mind started running. What does this mean to you? To me...It means that everything that is beautiful is natural. It means that the world's beauty can be seen in flowers and nature in general! The world of things that inspire and captivate people. Everyone has seen something natural that was simply breathtaking. Here's my point....

The world DOES laugh in flowers...so go and smell them. Experience and observe nature and its beauty. Feel the distinction between the trees and the flowers and the grass! Feel the sun and the moon and be thankful for both of them. Acknowledge the power of the wind and water and think about how messed up we'd be without either. Stop stepping on spiders...as creepy as they are. Know that even the most UGLY things that are natural are still beautiful....even -shivers- spiders....The world is full of things that can knock you out of your shoes...so go and look at it. GO EXPERIENCE AND LOVE IT! That's why it's here... : )

death and its punctuality...i had hoped for more time

punctual - to do something or arrive somewhere on time. When you're never late....

When death comes i always feel a little shocked. I suppose I'm not as accustomed to death yet. Whenever someone dies that i know, i feel surprised out of respect...but i always know that it was scheduled. That it was marked down on some divine calendar. Death is one of the only constants in this world, so when it comes its never that shocking. Surely, there are exceptions and believe that this is only an opinion. But, death is a harsh word for what happens after someone passes. I believe that death is just a release. When we die, we loose the shackles that bind us to this painful and unfair world. I think that the physical forms that we have are just temporary and that when we leave them, the living must honour the deceased lives rather than mourn their deaths. Death is always on time and their is a reason for everything. Perhaps the reason for death is ending the suffering. Perhaps its reciprocity or karma. Perhaps the point of life is trying to understand the point of it all. Maybe, their is no point and we, as humans, are just over-complicating another natural act. Maybe we wont know until Death knocks on our doors....

An elder i knew is dying as i write these words and i wont cry for him. I will honour him by writing this piece in celebration of his passing. His death is the end of his suffering here. I will keep him in my thoughts and hold on to every memory i have with him. I say....Honour their lives and dint mourn their deaths. Think of death as freedom. Believe me...i do wish that death wasn't so specific, punctual and persistent, but my tears wont resurrect a thing. My pain wont give life. My mourning wont give strength. Remember their names and everything you loved about them. Never forget. Cause i wont.

R.I.P...to all those who are passing from this existence and into another.

oh the shame...but it aint ma fault

neglect - to fail at looking after or caring something or someone....

My poor blog! I've left it here for a while without writing new exciting things...I have failed my readers....haha. No, but this time it isn't actually my fault. My computer has been acting very stupid. It wont let me log onto my account. So now I'm on my mothers computer. An easy alternative that is saving my blog and its defenseless readers. So here goes the point in this.

Make a way out of no way. Dare to try new and strange things to reach your goals. I don't use my mothers computer, guys and gals. It moves slow...and the keyboard is intimidating. Any who, find alternatives in life so you can meet your goals and prosper, yet again.

p.s. there will be more!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A late New Year's wish!

resolution - positive change

Late as always...Excuse my tardy posting. Party + School Work + other BS = no time for blogging. On with the post!

I met a man who doesn't believe in resolutions. He thinks that if you want to make positive changes, you should do it over time and not pick a date to do it. He thinks that you can't keep it up when you choose a date to stop or start something. I like the idea of picking a date to change something about yourself. Every year on the first day of the new year i choose to shave away a bad habit and/or start a better one. Last year, I told myself that i would become a better writer. (check) This year...I'm letting go of everyone/thing that has kept me upset or depressed. Everyone i hate literally doesn't exist anymore. I plan on proving him wrong by committing to this.

My resolution is to be happier. Whats yours? Just know that you have to commit and attempt. Its a difficult task. It takes work. Try something that you can actually do. And don't just do it because you HAVE to....do it because you want to! If you want it....it'll be easier. Start this New Year off with a bang!! But...not do loud people. : ) Hope you all have a very nice year!