Sunday, August 2, 2009

After...and the questions we're still asking.

Stability - The state or quality of being stable.

Some people wonder about death...what lies beyond the white light? Its our duty as humans to answer this question. We're searching for stability in this world....always questioning and figuring. We cant fathom "nothing". We cant accept that there is nothing after we depart. We turn to religion, science and gut feelings to fill in the "nothing" we're avoiding. There are thousands of ways to look at death...but we cannot fear it. We cannot turn our heads that the thought of death. If your idea of death strikes you with fear...change it. There are so many options. I wrote the following poem to open my eyes and others to the different ways of looking at death. I hope this sheds some light at on the topic at hand for someone.
beGolden without fear...

In Awe of Death
Jahmal B. Golden

We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears.
We must not demean life by standing in awe of death. ~David Sarnoff

A burning bullet
pierces the physical,
shatters the mental
and leaves the spirit
loose and free
to roam.

A person...lost.
The day is tainted
with fear and confusion.
It’s been
forty eight hours.

A happy day.
A home-coming
ceremony in silence.
And tears of joy.

A soul
sent into another vessel.
A cycle continues.
A Hindu dream

A new story.
A voyage to the depths.
A calm float
down the river Styx.

A roaming spirit.
A night walker,
wishing for peace,
praying to a deaf god.

A buried body
replaced with a tree.
A soul released and
a trip to Xibalba.

Reciprocity at last,
a murderer’s demise.
A boy smiles
As he falls into hell.

Light bulbs die,
I shall depart
says the women.
Her eyes
not yet sodden.

A soul
becomes one
with the river.
Says the elder
There is no death.

A century
of wrinkles.
A story
in the folds.
She sits
on her porch.
A bottle in her fist.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

short post....and how this affects the blog...

beginnings - The act or process of bringing or being brought into being; a start

This will be brief....

I will be doing a few short posts every so often when i feel as if my topic cant be expanded on without becoming redundant. Forgive me if you find this pointless. Sometimes thoughts race into my head and i have to write them out. Sometimes these thoughts are pointless and other times they can be...productive. In conclusion to this tiny bit here, i will do this sometimes. Don't be alarmed. Tell your friends....

I had a very stressful week. Some of my friends are having a few issues and came to me for some clarity. Sometimes, instead of removing issues from my friends, i adopt them. I stress myself out over a minor issue of my own. Then someone else has a problem and that becomes my newest problem. At this point in my life....i have a collection. The sad this is...I'm not the only one. My point is this - remember to breathe. Try not to adopt the problems of others if it isn't necessary. That isn't me being a hypocrite. That's just me trying to help as much as i can.