Sunday, February 20, 2011

the beauty in solitude

The poet and singer Tanya Davis wrote a poem entitled How to be Alone. This poem explores the idea that being alone is a time to meditate and to exist without people around. She expresses repeatedly that being alone is not wrong nor proof that there is something wrong with you. I have a testimony. I used to sulk in my loneliness. Ten years ago, to be alone separated me from my peers. This very second I'm typing a post in a big chair for one in my favourite cafe. No plates. No cups. Nothing. Although I'm pondering a chai latte...we'll see.

Take Tanya Davis' lesson and use it. Look up the poem on YouTube, watch it and be moved. There is NOTHING wrong with just BEING in public. Find a place and commit to yourself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

....being blessed.

To Manifest - to accept and summon...if you believe it, it shall be.

Despite the hell that I've endured in this last week and a half, I've discovered a lesson. Without going into detail, this week has been horrible. We will all endure terrible weeks in our lives. Sometimes we think that we're not strong enough amidst the arrows slung at us. I believe we all have the strength to live on. I chose to manifest blessings recently and they've been coming. They will continue to come if I keep giving in to them.

We have the ability to effect our present in spectacular ways. We choose to feel better when we're sick. We choose to find things when we loose them. We choose to live on in spite of _______. We can also choose to be blessed, healthy and happy. Tell yourself to be happy and blessed and you will notice the beauty that arrives at our doors. Even little things...Waking up. Being among friends. Feeling safe. Life is full of magic. Choose to pluck it from the sky and use it to power your passage through life.
beGolden and Blessed

Monday, February 7, 2011

brownies and the super bowl...

manifestation - that act of controlling and "summoning"...

I'm not always hip to things. Sometimes I SWEAR that my day is going to be terrible when little things all around me are pointing the opposite direction. Yesterday, I started to feel sick. Frustrated, I cleaned and rested and planned on dying that day. I planned on just wallowing in my whathaveyou and letting the day go by. Then I was convinced to wake up, get dressed and start baking. We baked brownies, cookies and talked. I got dressed and we went out. I got to another friend's house and were started cooking. We brought food over to a party, shortly after. Mind you, this party is often pretty awkward between the extreme parental supervision and the sheltered private school students. Still, we went and had as good a time as we could. By the third quarter, I had consciously told myself that I was going to enjoy the rest of night. Then, out of the heavens appeared the only shape I pray to. PETERRR!!! He's my best friend and we met a year ago yesterday at the same place. We hung out for the rest of the party. We drove around till he dropped me off home. Great night, I would say.

We have so much more control then we admit to. Some of us reject our powers and go with the flow. I choose to make my own reality. If you speak, it shall be. I believe that if you give in to beauty and happiness it will give in to you. Give in. It'll make your life better. Give in to happiness and beauty.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Luck is Fool's Gold.

delusive - giving a false or misleading impression...

My midterm period is over at last!! C: It feels good knowing that it is out of the way and such. I didn't do too well on my Economics Midterm, but I tried. I put a lot of effort into studying and focus and it didn't cut it. I suppose that that's life. At least I relied on myself and my abilities. A few people cheated. Some cheated more boldly than others. None were caught. What's worse is that some people left their success in the hands of luck. In the words of successfully "ghetto fabulous" girls all over, "boo,"

We rely on our abilities to accomplish little things. For example, we rely on our linguistic abilities to get us out of problems, to create opportunities, to comfort, to defend. We rely on our memories to move in the dark, to find our way home, to cook our favourite foods. If we relied on luck to move in pitch black, we'd fall and scrape our knees. Luck is for the weak-minded and the sloth. To get what we want in the word, we must put in effort. The world is equivalent exchange...What we put forth, we will receive and other similar lessons power our passages through life. Depend your abilities, work for what you want and make sure that you put in as much effort as possible.