Monday, February 7, 2011

brownies and the super bowl...

manifestation - that act of controlling and "summoning"...

I'm not always hip to things. Sometimes I SWEAR that my day is going to be terrible when little things all around me are pointing the opposite direction. Yesterday, I started to feel sick. Frustrated, I cleaned and rested and planned on dying that day. I planned on just wallowing in my whathaveyou and letting the day go by. Then I was convinced to wake up, get dressed and start baking. We baked brownies, cookies and talked. I got dressed and we went out. I got to another friend's house and were started cooking. We brought food over to a party, shortly after. Mind you, this party is often pretty awkward between the extreme parental supervision and the sheltered private school students. Still, we went and had as good a time as we could. By the third quarter, I had consciously told myself that I was going to enjoy the rest of night. Then, out of the heavens appeared the only shape I pray to. PETERRR!!! He's my best friend and we met a year ago yesterday at the same place. We hung out for the rest of the party. We drove around till he dropped me off home. Great night, I would say.

We have so much more control then we admit to. Some of us reject our powers and go with the flow. I choose to make my own reality. If you speak, it shall be. I believe that if you give in to beauty and happiness it will give in to you. Give in. It'll make your life better. Give in to happiness and beauty.

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