Thursday, February 3, 2011

Luck is Fool's Gold.

delusive - giving a false or misleading impression...

My midterm period is over at last!! C: It feels good knowing that it is out of the way and such. I didn't do too well on my Economics Midterm, but I tried. I put a lot of effort into studying and focus and it didn't cut it. I suppose that that's life. At least I relied on myself and my abilities. A few people cheated. Some cheated more boldly than others. None were caught. What's worse is that some people left their success in the hands of luck. In the words of successfully "ghetto fabulous" girls all over, "boo,"

We rely on our abilities to accomplish little things. For example, we rely on our linguistic abilities to get us out of problems, to create opportunities, to comfort, to defend. We rely on our memories to move in the dark, to find our way home, to cook our favourite foods. If we relied on luck to move in pitch black, we'd fall and scrape our knees. Luck is for the weak-minded and the sloth. To get what we want in the word, we must put in effort. The world is equivalent exchange...What we put forth, we will receive and other similar lessons power our passages through life. Depend your abilities, work for what you want and make sure that you put in as much effort as possible.

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  1. Jahmal,

    I had you in my first grade class at NRCS. There are students that always stay in teachers' minds and you are one of them. Some of you pop into my head from time to time. I was talking to a former teacher of NRCS last night and we were talking about different students that we had and wondered how they were doing. I googled your name and was lucky to come across this blog. I am glad to see that you are doing well and are still passionate about your writing and expressing yourself. I am not surprised that you are sharing your talent because even as a first grader I could tell you were going to pursue and be successful with whatever you chose to do with all of your spunk and outgoing personality. I am sure your family is very proud and I hope you are extremely proud of yourself. I wish you well! Take care, Mrs. McCafferty