Tuesday, February 15, 2011

....being blessed.

To Manifest - to accept and summon...if you believe it, it shall be.

Despite the hell that I've endured in this last week and a half, I've discovered a lesson. Without going into detail, this week has been horrible. We will all endure terrible weeks in our lives. Sometimes we think that we're not strong enough amidst the arrows slung at us. I believe we all have the strength to live on. I chose to manifest blessings recently and they've been coming. They will continue to come if I keep giving in to them.

We have the ability to effect our present in spectacular ways. We choose to feel better when we're sick. We choose to find things when we loose them. We choose to live on in spite of _______. We can also choose to be blessed, healthy and happy. Tell yourself to be happy and blessed and you will notice the beauty that arrives at our doors. Even little things...Waking up. Being among friends. Feeling safe. Life is full of magic. Choose to pluck it from the sky and use it to power your passage through life.
beGolden and Blessed

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