Tuesday, September 28, 2010

...I'd rather have him happy. Dear mother.

Motherhood - the kinship relationship between an offspring and the mother.

I used to be the most hyper, excited, happy, touchy-feely, HYPER kid ever. Lots of people loved me for it. I was known by most as the one that wouldn't sit down to save his life. I enjoyed being bubbly most days. There's a thing about me though...I used to be either ecstatic or depressed. If something would get in the way of my happiness abruptly, I didn't know how to handle it. Some of my teacher couldn't my hyper ways...One day, a teacher sat next to my mother I complained about the way I wasn't calm all the time. Mind you, I also went through a long time of depression after being told that I was too hyper and too loud and I talked too much and different and...It was crippling. My mother knew this of course...She knew how fun I was and how depression was for me. So she said...I'd rather have him happy than depressed. And that was that....Dear Mother,

I understand how I used be very different. My emotions were often unstable. I was either HAPPY/EXCITED/HYPER or depressed/sad/angry/upset. My mother would get frustrated with it too, but she knew how crucial it was for me to be happy. I'm fortunate to have a creative, educated, hard working, accepting mother. People everywhere, my mother is the greatest. I'm glad I have her and I'm glad I have her and I'm glad she's there for me. I can only hope that you have someone like that in your life. Everyone's different...Everyone's weird...There will always be someone who loves you even with your faults.
beGolden and happy

Drama fo yo mama...Please keep me out of it.

expendable - Unnecessary...

SOOO...There's someone mad at me right now. Yesterday in a class, two friends and I were talking about a father who we, jokingly, said was gay. We were highlighting all the signs...laughing, havin a good time, ya dig? Then, a girl said something like "Lets not talk about gays again. I'm sick of this topic." Mind you, the last time we talked about gays, it involved one of the "uncomfortable" girl's friends. He came out recently and everyone knew he was gay based on FACTS like, he never kissed one of his "girlfriends" and he was grossed out by heterosexuality. Everyone knew, but she thought that it was unfair to say he was before he came out. Me, being an expert on homosexuals at this point, was appalled by her ignorance and let it go. Also, note that she wasn't apart of the conversation at hand, so it really should disturb her at all. Otherwise...She was being overly dramatic and opinionated. Anyway, I just let her go on and another friend of mine to her left chimed in with a few "right"s and a few "exactly"s...So, I gave her the "bitch, please" look and continued with my day. Today, this girl, who was butting into a conversation with unnecessary comments and jeers saw me and demanded I get her a poptart from where I was getting one. I dropped the grudge after leaving school...But, jokingly, like always, I said "Get it yo self FOO". I chuckled and told her that there was only one...She just stared at me. I didn't really care...So I offered her some cookies that WERE there. She stood up and walked away. I called her name several times, confused, and someone said "He's TALKING to YOU" and she said, "I KNOW!" So here I am...And here's what...

I got to an arts school...I'm VERY used to drama. But sometimes...LEAVE IT ON STAGE. Sometimes, drama isn't necessary...being a jerk just for the sake of making a point is not a smart tactic ever, actually. So, if you're reading this, my good friend, sometimes it isn't that serious. Everyone...Be yourself and stop letting small things affect you. For Christ's sake, don't jump into stuff that doesn't concern you. Avoid drama like the plague...

To those that might recognize this happening...I'm sorry I offend you...if that's possible. Love you S.E.M. and A.W.E.

Monday, September 27, 2010

sometimes it isnt you...taking pride

pride - a sense of ones worth...self-respect

I've been told that it was me for a lot of my life It was me that brought these unfortunate happenings on myself. It was me that made myself upset. People around me always denounced their roles in making me a worse person. People far stronger than me have crashed under this weight. It isn't foolish of me to expect more than i receive though. I've often been the victim. It's a frustrating thing to admit. Then I'm told not to own such a label. I'm not supposed to ever feel victimized. No one is, apparently. I guess it's foolish to be victimized then feel victimized. I've been that it was me for a lot of my life. You probably have too...But here's what...

It isn't always you. It isn't always your fault. It isn't always in your control. Don't be afraid to let it show sometimes. Don't be labeled and don't let anyone tell you how you're supposed to feel. You, I and everyone is beautiful. Take pride in you and all that you are. Don't feel like a victim of the world. You, I and everyone can grow past that and more. Take pride in you.
beGolden and proud.

Friday, September 24, 2010

and ya look GOOD...Doin it for you.

Narcissism - inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.

Most people view narcissism as this excessive, negative love for ones self. BONK. To be narcissistic in a humble manor is a GREAT thing. This is gunna be a short post.

I spent a lot of last night writing and doing some work. I took a shower. I ate great food. Then I planned an outfit for today that made me happy and made me look and feel good. I put it on this morning, look at myself in the mirror...I look stunning and I really DO love myself. Before writing this post, I class for a good word for the opening and they said, Narcissism. Again, I say BONK. I love myself. I love myself because I didn't always love myself. I love myself because if YOU don't love YOURSELF...than who will? I mean, really? So...Here's what.

I love myself. I dress nicely for myself. I go to cafes for myself sometimes! Its good to just do for YOU. Its good to do for others, but you are the most important person in your life. Love yourself. You're ALLOWED to be narcissistic. So do you. Be happy. Love you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Logo-rama...blaming the media

advertisement - A notice, such as a poster or a paid announcement in the print, broadcast, or electronic media, designed to attract public attention or patronage

Go to youtube and look up Logorama. Try and find the finished version. This short is incredible. It's a story based on all the advertisement imagery we witness on the regular. Its all of the ones you can think of. From AOL to KFC to Xbox. The short was an eye opener because we really are bombarded with logos and slogans and jingles. It was just hilarious to see Ronald McDonald, the antagonist of the plot, be stopped by a huge Weight Watchers sign. Ultimately, that was his downfall. It was satirical and witty...IT MADE MR. CLEAN GAY. This was the most predictable of all of the moments in the short. He's a tall, muscular, white guy with one hoop earring and a tight white t-shirt on. We wrote a response or two for it in Writing Cross-Cultures class and that was amusing. A few people wrote exactly what it made them feel..."WTF" and "BAHAHHAHAHA" and dont forget "Dude...Wait, what?". It was a conversation sparker for sure.

Here's what...We, Americans mainly, are constantly attracted by a troth of advertisements all over the media. Be it radio, television, magazines or even the Internet, we are always subject to the newest thing that we might NEED. We are given testimonials, nudity and more just to get us to buy new soap or a car or a pull out couch. Sometimes, we don't even know what we're being sold! Theres a Levi's jeans commercial with quotes from revolutionaries and flash after flash of shirtless white boys hopping fences and girls with long, straight, blond hair flipping their hair, probably trying to catch a glimpse of the digitally enhanced sunrise in the distance. Most of these commercials have nothing to do with the products they're trying to sell...but the weak-minded go on binges to get new eyeliner and new jeans shortly after. I blame the media for a lot...but I blame dumb people for giving in and then complaining about their bills at the end of the month. Here's the lesson...Don't give in to the media and the "shop-till-ya-drop" generational expectations. Don't just buy anything because it's supposed to make you look ten years younger. Don't be a victim.

Monday, September 20, 2010

easy A and that...A night to remember

Chance - Meant to be - ness...

I wanted to go to the movies all day saturday. I just wanted to leave my house and go celebrate a little. I'm enjoying life right now...I just wanted to go have fun. A series of events occurred I would have never expected.

For starters, one of my best friends texted me in the midst of my frustration and told me to meet her downtown for coffee. I hopped on a bus, looking good of course, and i arrived at Java's, home of the Kinky Reggae! It was, dead hot in there so we sat outside for a moment. Then we decided to eat Dim Sum next door...The food was incredible. The rolls were perfection and the dumplings...oh god, those dumplings. We laughed a lot and then we left. We walked around a bit and saw a lot of people that we didn't expect to see downtown at 8 at night...After saying high to about 6 friends in a row, we met a young man that, while I was in the shadow, thought I was a girl. He greeted us with "HEY! LADIESS!" My friends died laughing...I cleared my throat and he acknowledged my gender. He was cute, so i let it slide. I pointed him the direction he needed to go and we parted. While crossing the street I almost got hit by more of my friends. They demanded i come back to Java's after i walked my dinner partner to the bus stop. Mind you, I havent scene these guys in 4-5 months or so. I walked my girl to the bus stop and we had a laugh or two...new quotes to share. New insiders. It was great. I got to Java's and we talked for a bit. While there I met a woman and she was incredibly sweet and we had a great discussion. We loved each other's personalities and she said i looked great. She did too. I adore kind people....Correction: I love Java's after dark...For SURE.

The people I was with now wanted to go the movies....Are you joking? Please insert word of the post here... We went on a journey to the movie theatre making FAR too many jokes on the way and even in the theatre. For the record...Easy A was one of the greatest movies ever. I loved it. WE loved it. You should go and see it. I expected it to be good but...I didn't expect it to be incredible. We left....Incredibly humored and dropped off a person in the car. We sat around her fire pit for a bit...Cozy and playing one of my favorite improv games. When it was time to go, the three of us left in the car were relaxing....Winding down from a fabulous night, we were. Finale time. I don't know if you've heard the opening to Life in Technicolor by Coldplay...but. This song was the best ending to a beautiful night, i could ever think so. It was like a Day - gasm.

Here's what...These days aren't always. We don't often experience nights that you wish could last forever. It was beautiful...It was fabulous...It was memorable. Keep the greatest nights in your mind forever. Piece them together like a scrap book in your head. Remember to remember to remember those nights when you wished that dawn didn't come. Remember to remember to remember the nights with dim sum, laughs, a cozy fire and an easy A.
beGolden and remember always

kitchen miracles and that...Thescapist

Appreciation - sensitive awareness..

Last night I baked sugar cookies for my friends at school. I know..."How gay are you, third-grade Jahmal!?" But it's something I enjoy doing! Sometimes, when I'm home alone, I need something to keep my occupied and happy. Sometimes, that's reading. Sometimes, it's dancing. Sometimes, it's baking. My legs were tired and I didn't want to read at the moment, sooooo...I took out some supplies and baked. Cookies Cookies Cookies. Then I frosted...All the while listening to my favourite soft jams. It was fairly magical actually. I put it all away and made my lunch for Monday and...then I found myself lonely. I had some soup for dinner. I ate it alone. I turned off the music. I was stuck in this moment where (Iknowthisisstupidguys) I felt like I was actually alone and that I would be this way for a very long time. It was at this moment that one of my favourite songs came on. This song, the one I want to hear as I die, made me remember how important the little things were. It made me remember all that I've grown from and all that I adore about being home alone. I hopped in the shower and jumped into bed, prepared for lonely nights for a while.

Sure...We all get lonely and sometimes we feel hopeless. But we're not lonely and we're not hopeless. Life goes on in spite of the rough patches we meet along the road. There's a zen to the universe...remember this. Also...Note how excited and appreciative of these simple, everyday things. You should feel similarly, people. The world is full of things, so small and minor, that we hardly notice them. These things are necessary to personal growth. Appreciate all that the world gives you because you could be SO much more unfortunate. Be excited that you're baking and alone....no one there to judge you when you're dancing in your kitchen....Be happy and continue to appreciate. The minor things are the road to awe.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Checkmate...is it healthy?

productive -yielding favorable or useful result; constructive.

My grandfather taught me to play chess when I was young and I felt good enough because i could beat him if he was tired. I continued my life playing when asked to. I joined chess club at two different schools...I entered competitions...I met people through chess....yeah. I'm not all that good...Sometimes I'm alright and i can beat you if you let your guard down but it isn't my sport. I only continued to play it because my granddad taught me. I only played it because i was expected to continue. After being told that i sucked by many different people, I lost confidence and stopped playing besides short games with friends or family. Still, and even now, i felt as though I was groomed to be a great chess player and I was disappointing someone. My grandfather? My family? Then I got over it because I'm not that into my family. I'm not thrilled by the idea of altering myself or feeling bad because I'm not good at something i, actually, don't like to do...I only like watching and admiring chess. I enjoy the principle and the practice of chess but I, personally, don't like to play.

Here's what...Sometimes we do something because we think it's right to. Models starve themselves because they think that being thin is the way to go. Some straight men like football because they were groomed to like it by their dads and uncles and blah. But what does that matter if we don't like the practice we participate in? How could you possibly do something you don't like well?? If you know...let me know. In the mean time...Do what you enjoy doing. Don't do things strictly because you're expected to. Either find a way to enjoy it or just do what you enjoy and nothing else. Sometimes, you don't even have to apologize for that. Do you and that's that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

to stress and such...and the summerhooker

recurring - To happen, come up, or show up again or repeatedly.

It seems as though I have to re-stress an old and looming topic. Yesterday, I saw a girl, maybe of 13, and she was wearing a short skirt, a tank top, legging and holding the newest vogue. Naturally...I stopped in my tracks. I, however, was wearing a thick sweater. Mind you, its 62 degrees Fahrenheit. So, what of this girl who is dressed like a summer hooker and is but 13 years old? What of the fact that, instead of buying a coat for winter/fall, bought those leggings and a new copy of Vogue? Where the hell are her priorities and what season is she living in? This girl probably values trends and fads more than she does her education, the finer things (art and high culture) and prolly doesn't stand out. Many girls her age are choosing to look like GaGa and Beyonce over looking like they have their own styles. But lets not just blame this particular girl for ruining society as we know it...We also have boys. So...on one hand, we have homophobic black boys that sag and wear skinny jeans and, to complete the look, they get mohawks and bleach the tips. Mind you, when gay people and other colored people did it...it was gay and stupid. On the other hand...We have our white stoner crowd that chooses to sag as well only THEY enjoy looking thugged out or mixing the two looks together. Then they speak as though they invented hip hop...poorly...and they adapt to a lot of negative stereotypes placed on black youth. The world as we know it...

So, what can you say about this? That teens are just becoming the puppets of pop culture icons like GaGa and Nicki Minaj? Nope. Frankly, the ones with no individual style or personalities are just not worth anyone's time. There are plenty that enjoy being themselves and being fabulous. The problem is that we are easy to mold...well...those with weaker minds and self confidence. The priorities of some have shifted into stupidity. People have taken on stereotypes and more bad habits and it’s sad. Who's to blame? The media? The kids themselves? Kanye West? Who knows? But I have some good advice. Just be you. Don’t try to blend in with everyone else. Those who strive to "fit in" aren't people that are valued in today’s culture. Be the one to wear a meat dress to an award ceremony (GaGa reference)...But don't do it because someone did it first! Set your own trends! Be your own person!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the flower bracelet...letting it come to you.

Self - Fulfilling Prophecy - a concept developed by Robert K. Merton to explain how a belief or expectation, whether correct or not, affects the outcome of a situation or the way a person (or group) will behave.

On Sunday i was searching for a collection of bracelets i own. I have a blue eye, a red eye and a white flower. Blue for peace. Fire for drive. flower for purity. I was searching, fairly desperately at first, for the white flower. Now, do note that i used to have a problem with losing things and it bothered me that i might have restarted an old habit. Also note that a less happy and wise Jahmal B. Golden would break down, cry and go to sleep. I'd dwell on it until it gushed out of my eyes...but I've evolved past that. Instead i told myself that I'd find it. I told myself that I'd find it. I calmed myself before i could emote. It feels better to just relax. Besides...I had something else to be doing. So I walked away from my jewelry box and went to dinner with my mother. Her birthday dinner. I did all i could to calm down and i dedicated a lot of energy to my mother that night. Monday morning, I was scrambling to find something to wear. Clothes...flying. Hats...Tossed. I assembled something i liked but i needed a sweater to go with it. I reach in my closet and pick a gray cardigan...one of my favorites in face. I sling it on and i want out of my house to get to the bus stop. I look at my bare wrist and reach in the sweater pockets to cover them. There it was...purity.

Sometimes it's necessary to let it air out a little. Sometimes it's crucial to just step away from a situation for a moment and let whatever happens happens. Sometimes its important to let your angels step in. If you let the world work it'll surprise you. Give the universe a second and it'll give you what you want. For all that don't know...If you ask for it, it'll come to you. If you you let it come to you, you'll get it. So let it come to you and you'll find it on your front step. Or at a street corner. Or in your pocket...wrapped in a bow.
beGolden and give it some time

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the moments...Polaroids and you

reminiscent - ending to recall or suggest something in the past.

So...I'm writing a piece or two about the memories I have of my greatest friends. I have one about my friend Laurel and it’s about how I always imagine her in sepia and in autumn. There's a distinct way I remember her and it’s preserved in a Polaroid I’ve never taken of her. Its brilliant actually...your imagination is a camera and Photoshop put together. This'll be short, people.

I hold a lot of people in moments in time where I loved them the most. Its just something people do to remember being happy and people around them being happy. I looked at an old picture this morning of myself from 2nd grade. I was sitting against a wall smiling bigger than ever. It was pleasing to remember me as i was and compare it to how i am now. So, here's where you come in...Don't forget the moments. Don't forget how happy you were and how happy they were. Don't forget their names. Don't forget the locations. Some days you need to remember the happier times to move on. So keep your mind an expanding photo album...for those days when you need it.


Those moments...the Polaroid. the film.

reminiscent - ending to recall or suggest something in the past

So...I'm writing a piece or two about the memories i have of my greatest friends. I have one about my friend Laurel and its about how i always imagine her in sepia and in autumn. There's a distinct way i remember her and its preserved in a Polaroid i've never taken of her. Its brilliant actually...your imagination is a camera and photoshop put together. This'll be short, people.

I hold a lot of people in moments in time where i loved them the most. Its just something people do to remember being happy and people around them being happy. I looked at an old picture this morning of myself from 2nd grade. I was sitting against a wall smiling bigger than ever. It was pleasing to remember me as i was and compare it to how i am now. So, here's where you come in...Don't forget the moments. Don't forget how happy you were and how happy they were. Don't forget their names. Don't forget the locations. Some days you need to remember the happier times to move on. So keep your mind an expanding photo album...for those days when you need it.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Dive in...love and hope.

Philophobia - The Fear of falling in love and/or being in love....

So, sometimes i don't believe that the romantic definition of love is exists in a positive light. I feel like there are lots of faults in "liking/loving" someone. There's that period where you loose comfort in your skin because you want to be better for someone else. Then you feel like you're never enough. Its disgusting...Its cruel to your reflection...It does a lot of harm actually! I fell for someone and i discovered, and maybe its just me and the gays, but there was a mess of push-pull. One day, the love was there. The smiles were there. Oh, god, the butterflies. Then...The butterflies were gone because the smiles weren't there either. An "off" day...There were days were i realized that most men are unfortunately ignorant and selfish. But on the other hand...There were still those moments where i loved him and he loved me and there was the joy that came with that. I've caught myself struggling on what to wear when I'm going to see him and that in and of itself...oh my god. I obsess. I question myself. Who would jump, head first or otherwise, into a relationship knowing that there's the inevitability of these things and more. Then...the heartbreak. Then you're in a relationship with reruns and ice cream. Then you fear doing it again.....

With that said...Love sucks miserably. So does that feeling of "ithinkilovehim". But then there's another side. There's the snuggles and the hugs. The kisses, if you're lucky. There's the joy of seeing him again. The excitement around the holidays. The weekends. The gifts, giving and receiving. The affection and the fun. With THAT said...Love RULES. I guess its all worth it...the off and on days. So, whatever you do, don't be afraid. Don't deny yourself the pleasure because of fear. Dive into it because its awesome...Just be prepared and realistic. I'm not being a downer...just know what it is to love and be loved. And finally...note that you may feel as though you aren't enough until he/she tells you so...but you are. You're MORE that that.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flip it...fml solution

fml - fuck my life...

I've been doing a lot of writing. I've been editing and rewriting and it feels great. I've taken a lot of time out of my day to write and explore my talents. I was asked to present a piece to my class and i was delightfully excited...you don't even know. I enjoy presenting to people and that's part of the reason i have this blog. Well...I got to school and i plugged my flash drive in. BTW...My flash drive has all of the new updates I've made this week. I didn't back it up yet. The title and that BTW prolly explained it all. My flash drive wont recognize...I was shocked. This meant that, if my home desktop couldn't recognize it, i would be forced to redo all that i had worked on this week. I would have to face the shoulda coulda woulda...So i shut down. At 9 pm, i sat down and covered my head with my arm. I closed my eyes and tried desperately to sleep and forget. Its a coping thing. Then i got a message from my mother. Yes, people...texts can be inspiration too.

Sometimes life knocks you over the head. Its a greeting thing that some higher force has. Sometimes you spill coffee on your lap...sometimes you step in shit...Sometimes you forget to back up. When this happens you have choices. You could cover your head and try and forget. You can cry and wish that it wouldn't have happened. I, personally, prefer to flip the situation. I chose to change my luck...I'm altering my reality. When i get home at 3:30, I will try to recover my files. If this fails...I'll just do it over. I had fun writing this week...Whats another night of warm clothes, good food and my fingers dancing on a keyboard. I have no real problem here! Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that it isn't that bad. Sometimes you have to change your fml into a ygoi. YGOI - YOU'LL GET OVER IT! That is one of the few truths we have in this world. The only constant in the world is change. So change you or let your circumstances do it for you. Sometimes you just have to change your reality...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Diamonds and water...worth and where you stand.

necessity - an imperative requirement or need for something...

I wasn't thrilled about taking Advanced Placement Economics. I really wasn't...I feared that I would end up hating America more than i already do in a second. It was miserable at first, the thought of amercing myself, for 40 minutes a day, in economics and the study of how scarcity affects people. It was gag worthy...But then i opened the book and i something strange happened. I didn't gag. The book was redundant at certain points but it was interesting. It applied to everything and after reading, i started applying economic theory to everything. Why do people in low economic conditions name their children like this? How can cheating be determined using economics? The book was brilliant and enlightening. I started to actually be excited for going into my AP Eco course! I started the class and i found myself engaging in conversation. I was already discussing and thinking aloud and i continued to absorb. I learned something interesting that struck me to the point of Blog-Post-Gasm. Water is more important than diamonds but diamonds cost more. I jumped out of my seat quite literally actually. What the hell!? People kill each other over diamonds but water is more important and its less expensive. It's worth more in more ways than one. Diamonds are just precious object that people obsess over...Here's the point.

When Christmas comes, for those who celebrate it, the new ipod is not the point. The point is celebrating the birth of a magical Jew. But still, parents leave early from work to get the new cell, shoes, computer...Or else children bitch out and slam doors. Its nauseating! Our values are warped sometimes. We value NEW shoes over any shoes at all. We value the movies over dinner with family. The point is this - The material obsession is the root of your unhappiness. Its nice to have pretty things...I LOVE PRETTY THINGS. But i also love sunsets. I also love people enough to drop the remote to go and see them. I wouldn't cry if my computer broke. Some things are more important. Some things are more necessary. Get your values straight and you'll live a better life. I'd choose water over diamonds. Would you?
BeGolden and honest,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beginning....reboot and resetting...

Rebooting - to restart/refresh.

I took the summer off as you all can tell. I took the summer to do some other things...working, photography, partying, hanging out....etc. Now I'm back and there's lots to say. Here we go!

So, I'm a senior in high school now. I'm a creative writing major at an arts school and I've grown as a person SO much. I've become a better writer, friend, thinker, reader and overall person in a year. I've fallen in love...I've fallen out of love. I've had fun and I've cried. I've rushed and I've relaxed and I've discovered the following...I am not intricate nor simple and i love it. I am an exceedingly unique person and i wont explain me for anyone. Why do you care? Because you are the same. You are not someone to just figure out and you should let people know that. You are your own person and you should be treated as such. Everyone is beautiful in some light but everyone's truth changes colour depending on the atmosphere. We have much to learn of people even though we've been around them forever. There are many lessons we much learn to make it in the world...I'm one of the people who supplies the lessons. I teach based on my experience and I'd like to think that I'm good at what i do. So lemme give you the first lesson of a new school year...or just a new year in life.

Summer is a time or relaxation and fun. Its a time of scrambling for comfort and rejecting all that isn't comfortable. We play. We laugh. We eat. We enjoy. But then fall comes. Fall is a time for relaxation too...but a different kind. Its a time to find a different type of comfort in sweaters and scarves. Its a time to prepare for winter and enjoy the changes that are happening around us. It's a time to reflect...for we change like the leaves in autumn. This is a fabulous part of life...being able to just evolve when we put our minds to it. Well...PUT YOUR MINDS TO IT! A little change is a good sometimes. In other news...School has started for some and we have to change our ways of thinking. It's no longer time for short shorts and beach parties. Its a time for learning and education for most of our day. This isn't a terrible thing...Its good to learn!! But just know that we have to transfer our energy into a different place.

Autumn is a new season...Its a new season for the earth and a new season for you. So...Go experience and grow! Start something new! Get a new positive habit and do what is necessary. Be happy and watch the earth change around you. A season can pass in a second. So can you. So take advantage.
BeGOLDEN and grow