Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How Hamlet Actually Changed me...

Faculties - an inherent mental or physical power...

I was watching the movie Coraline yesterday. Mind you, I've read the book like 4 times and
I loved it soo much. The movie, however, was crap. It looked nice, but it didn't follow enough of the book. They made a new character...he's black, quirky and awkward....yup. Anywho, there came a part when Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible were doing an acrobatics whathaveyou. While doing so, they were reciting something. I looked up the line, "How infinite in faculties." Turns out, it's a part of Hamlet. Hamlet goes on about how great Man is. The piece is brilliant! If you want to, google What a Piece of Work is Man and read the whole thing. It celebrates humans and how beautiful and complex they are. Then, you might be compelled to think the following...

We are very incredible and complex creature. With our reason, our beauty and our faculties, we are a paragon, a symphony of color and perfection. Why should we be tainted by things so trivial as the artificial. Find your inner beauty. Find your inner paragon. Read Hamlet! : P Just don't have to torture yourself. Still, believe in the power of your culture, your people and just people in general.

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