Monday, January 17, 2011

letting people go...

traverse - to travel or move.

Of late, I've been obsessing over a friend of mine. Recently, he indirectly revealed to me that he often isn't in the mood to be around me. If I had known, I think that a conversation would have been had earlier. Alas, I didn't know. He ignored my calls I assume because he knew that I knew how he felt. He cut off communication all together. I'm sort of over it. I tried to cling onto what memories and good experiences I had with this person, then I found myself recalling the times that I didn't enjoy his company. Never have I felt so strongly that I needed to tell someone, but I have felt annoyed when around him sometimes. I suppose we're both at fault, but that isn't the moral.

Though it is IMPERATIVE to own what part you take in issues an so on, there is something to be said about moving on. If someone wants to leave your life, temporarily or permanently, let them. It's a waste of energy clinging to people who have no desire to be near you. Sure, at any point, my friend could approach me and ask for us to be friends once again. Then I have a choice to make. Do I want to forget and move on with my life, embracing someone who has the potential to hurt me, or do I acknowledge the emotions I felt during his absence and reject him. It can be seen as vindictive, but what's wrong with holding grudges. Sometimes, forgiveness doesn't mean amnesia. Think about it.

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